Whether it’s a single day or a full retreat, every event is jam-packed with fun, food and fellowship!

Each event has around 8-15 youth with an average age of 11-17. By keeping the groups small, the kids bond more quickly and are more comfortable speaking openly.

It also allows us to build stronger ties with each youth so we can provide the mentoring, ministry and positive reinforcement that result in a true desire for a deep, unshakable faith in, and relationship with, God.

Every event is fully supervised by at least one adult (depending upon the size of the group) and all rules and procedures regarding safety are strictly enforced.



These may be local (greater Houston area) boat trips, Go-Kart rides, SCUBA lessons, fishing trips, orienteering trips, etc. These are 6-10 hour trips that are heavy on fun and sprinkled with ministry.

We do many of these trips per year.



These events are in various locations around the country. Past events have involved downhill skiing, snowmobiling and wakeboarding.

We travel, cook, play and clean together.  We are often in beautiful locations that showcase the creation of our awesome God, and draw our hearts toward Him.

We reserve time at the end of each day for ministry and bible study.

We currently do a few one-week trips/year and will do more as we secure additional funding.