Pastors / Leaders


Pastor Tom Douthit ~

As a pastor you always hope that people in your church will find a way to serve the Lord that brings together their gifts, passion and abilities so that their ministry is filled with joy and power. Graham has done just that! Here is a guy who loves the Lord and loves to see others grow in Him.

On top of that he loves teenagers. Graham has a great understanding of the importance and potential of the teenage years in the spiritual journey and he doesn’t want to see the potential of those years wasted on empty pursuits.

Here’s where it gets exciting! Graham’s love for the Lord and teens comes together in his love for action sports. He invites students, from absolute beginners to advanced wake boarders, to join on one of their now famous “days on the lake”.

What a great platform to draw students in, help them grow in their ability and to have some outrageous fun. But it doesn’t stop there…Graham is constantly talking with students about where they are with the Lord and creating studies and challenges to help them take their next step with Christ.

As a pastor I love what the Lord is doing through Graham’s ministry, but I’ll tell you as a parent whose children have been a part of Graham’s trips – I love it even more!


Marialice L., STUDENT VENTURE DIRECTOR – Westchester High School ~

Every Thursday afternoon, students gather in a public school classroom for a talk about God. Students began this YoungLife Club 5 years ago – and since then, students have been meeting every week.

Last spring, we lost our main speaker to a job change. Most of our guest speakers this year have just visited with the students – which is great.

But last Thursday – we had a special teaching message from Adventures Sports Ministry. Graham Gamble set up the classroom before students entered with “surprise” Bible verse cards under chairs and tables.

As students ambled in after school, they were greeted and made to feel welcome and important. Four consistent attenders came plus twelve students who just wandered in out of curiosity.

The lesson began on “Prayer” with an acrostic to pique everyone’s interest. As the lesson progressed, students read the Bible verses they’d found under their chairs. Most of the attenders were not believers and did not attend church.

Jose voiced a question at one point – “Is it true that you must believe in Jesus to go to heaven?” – he explained that months before two men had approached him in Mexico and explained that Jose’s good deeds would not get him to heaven. Graham explained that this was true – and went on to explain about how to go to heaven.

Although we value our speakers who visit with the students – it was so helpful to have real teaching on being a Christian – we appreciate Adventure Sports Ministry providing us with a one-day curriculum. Students went away remembering prayer includes Asking, Persistence in prayer, being Bold in prayer, Memorizing sentences from the Bible to help us in prayer.

Thank you Adventure Sports Ministry!


Executive Pastor John Hopper ~

For years Graham has been taking kids from our church out for great days on the water. The kids love being on a super boat for hours of tubing fun. I love that Graham uses every opportunity to speak about walking with Christ.

And parents love that Graham is always got an eye out for safety. Watch out, though, once your kid goes, don’t be surprised if he or she wants to go again and again!


Dan Leatherwood, Missionary to Spain ~

The boat trip was an awesome experience. Graham meets the teens where they are and throughout the day challenges them in their lives to walk faithfully and boldly with the Lord.

I had heard a little about the activities, and then got to talk to Graham and hear from his heart the idea that surrounds these activities, but when I went and saw first hand how he connects with the young people and uses the time to pour into each of them, what I saw far surpassed what I had imagined.

I have to admit that at the end of the day I did have one regret… that these boat trips are here in Houston, and that I live and work in Spain (the commute to bring teens is pretty extreme).

I would encourage everyone to get behind this activity and pray for and encourage Graham and the young people who go out. The time that Graham spends with the teens out of their day-to-day schedule IS changing lives.

Thank you Graham and all those who make these activities possible.


Pastor Mike Andrews ~

My older kids and I have greatly enjoyed Graham’s boat ministry through the years. It’s great to know that our kids are not only having a blast on the water but that they are also being engaged and challenged spiritually- what a perfect combination!

As a former youth pastor, I appreciate the nature of Graham’s ministry that seeks the soul in the setting of fun in the sun with friends. Thanks, Graham!