Welcome to Adventure Sports Ministries, Inc!

Adventure Sports Ministry uses adrenaline infused sports as a platform to get youth excited about Faith, Life Vision, Impact and Leadership.

We provide young folks with the thrill of adrenaline-infused adventure sports including wakeboarding, tubing, snow sports, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, scuba, etc.  Then we blast open their minds and ReWire their Brains with training, encouragement and challenge toward a Life of Purpose, Impact, Leadership, Confidence, and Spiritual Growth.

By focusing on quality time with small groups, Houston-based Adventure Sports Ministry provides mentoring, discipleship and positive reinforcement that results in a true desire for a stronger, lasting relationship with God.

Adventure Sports Ministry is a non-profit organization that offers teens the tools they can use to build satisfying lives rooted in Christ and the leadership skills to make a difference in their world.