Ray C. ~

Mr. Gamble, I want to thank you for letting me be part of this year’s spring break trip to Brian Head, Utah. This trip to Utah has been so far my greatest spring break ever in my life. It was a good time of fellowship with people that I was familiar with and with people that I did not know. During the trip I was able to learn several things.

First, I was able to learn how to ski with several classes that my instructors (friends from trip) gave me. Besides the best instructors, no money was required for the lessons and there was no waste of time on waiting for other people to learn how to ski. So it ended up being a great thing.

Second, I learned how to handle my physical conditions in the cold climate and altitude of Utah. I learned to take it easy the first few days and not go all out on the last day of the trip.

Third, I learned how to give a bible study. This was something that I had never done in my life and something that I was applicable to do. But through nervousness and fast pumping heart beat, it turned out to be great. I was able to go out of my comfort zone and speak to the audience about “If there is really a God”.

Above and beyond the fun times of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, I was able to reflect and see Gods creation. It surprised me how big and amazing the scenery looked way at the top of the mountains.

One of things that changed my life from the trip was the bible studies we had every night. I learned that we need to take one backpack at a time. We do not need to worry about yesterday or tomorrow but worry about today. You need to go to bed in peace and let God do the rest.

Another thing that I learned was the five tools in our tool box that we need to do and have in our lives as Christians. They are the following: having a positive attitude in tough times, marinating in scripture, knowing key verses from the bible, apologetics, and teach a bible study.

One of the most important things though that I think is the most significant is our dash which represents our life and time in this world. We need to make sure that we are an impact to other people through our lives, have a positive attitude, have positive changes, and knowing Gods will and knowing your purpose in life.

Once again, I want to thank you and your client (that financially supported this trip). If it wasn’t for you and them, I would not been able to go on this trip. Thank you for the financial support.

I know that because how the economy is right now and my parent’s financial status, I would never have a trip like this.

Thank you for having a heart for youth and I am happy to know that there is people like you that care about us and want the best for us.

Love you guys,



Adam S. ~

Hey Mr. G!! I just wanted to let you know, that the combination of WakeUP! Wakeboard Camp, and the 30 Day Challenge have really had an awesome impact on my life.

So far this semester I have been continuing the 30 Day Challenge ( or 35 day) and really thinking and praying about the stuff we talked about at WakeUP! and it really is starting to re-wire my mind! It is so crazy awesome!

I am no where near perfect, but I find myself struggling less especially with sin than I have ever have before…I really do not know how to explain it other than it has really re-wired my mind.

It’s so important at camp, to not only reach kids, but to reach them “beyond the week” that they attend the camp. It’s so easy to just get caught up in the “spiritual high” at a camp, and then kinda fall off at the end of the week, and not really take anything home with you.

Compared to other camps I’ve attended, what really impacted me about the WakeUP! Wakeboard camp, was that Mr. G focused so hard on giving us “buzzwords”, (words and phrases that would stick in your memory, so they’ll continue to impact us throughout our lives.)

Concepts like “Five Tools in your Toolbox”, “Don’t Die a Dash”, “Brain Rewiring”, and “Marinating in Scripture”.

At other camps, the teaching often seems awesome at the time, but that awesomeness sort of loses it’s luster on the way home. What we learned at WakeUP! is something that won’t tarnish, it won’t lose it’s luster after we get home.

It’s really neat to be part of a ministry that isn’t just focused on one week of camp, but is focused on extending beyond the week, to the rest of the month, the year, and ultimately to one’s life.

Thank you so much for both the 30 Day Challenge and the WakeUP! Wakeboard Camp. I hope the kids and other counselors have been impacted as much as I have been. I wish I could be back in Houston continuing to meet with you and the rest of the awesome guys.

God is really using you in an incredible way, and I just thought I should let you know…keep up the good work!!!


Trey B. ~

Thank you so much, Mr. G, for inviting me on this amazing trip. I had so much fun, and I found things at this trip to further my spiritual walk. I was taught how to read my Bible every day. I co-lead a Bible study every day during lunch at my school, and I still find myself using the apologetics I learned there to defend my faith.


AJ B. ~

This last Easter, I found out who God and Jesus really are, and accepted Christ as my Savior.

Shortly after that, Mr G issued a “30 Day Challenge” to listen to or read the New Testament in 30 days. He provided a complete outline of the New Testament with blanks for us to fill in as we went through the Bible. I completed it in 30 days, and it really helped me grow in my faith.

I also attended his WakeUP! Wakeboard Camp in August. This camp also had a major impact on my growth. It helped me get to know some of my friends better, and to meet some new ones. The counselors there were really great, and they understood the kinds of things that we were going through.

After the WakeUP! camp, we asked Mr G if we could continue learning the cool life-changing stuff he was teaching us. He agreed and started a followup session called “Riding the Wave” which meets at his home every other Sunday night. We have a ton of great food, and spend time learning more, sharing the stuff we are going through, praying for each other, and having fun together.

I love the ministry as it really supports the camaraderie of the group.

Mr. G and Adventure Sports Ministry teach us about “Five Tools” we need to have in our “Spiritual Life Toolbox”. Those “Five Tools” are: Memorizing Verses, Marinating in Scripture, Apologetics, Teaching Others, and Dealing with Tough Times.

Memorizing Verses and Marinating in Scripture (The 30 Day Challenge) help to “rewire our brains” and “squash sin”. Apologetics is about learning the answers to questions that non-believers ask about God, Jesus, the Bible, etc., and defending our faith. We learn to Teach so we can show others about the Lord.

In our Riding The Wave (RTW) group, we collect the outlines and material from all of things that have been taught, both by Mr. G and other students, so we’ll have our own collection of stuff to teach from in the future.

Learning how to trust God when Tough Times come our way is also important, whether it is a divorce in our family, a death, sickness, or anything else.

There are two things that I really like about the ministry. The first is that we are all friends, and we all love each other, so we can be free to talk about anything.

The second is the Points System. You receive points for just about everything. When you complete the 30 Day Challenge, you get 150 points. When you memorize verses, you get points. When you attend the RTW meetings, you get points. etc.

There are tons of cool prizes for different point levels – stuff like getting a free steak dinner at RTW meetings, a trip to a wakeboard cable lake, all the way up to earning a free wakeboard or mountain bike, or even a free trip to the mountains to go snowboarding if you earn a huge amount of points.

The meetings are every two weeks, and I can’t wait until the next meeting. Not only to eat wonderful food with my friends and Mr. G, but to grow closer to the Lord.


David S. ~

What an amazing rush of adrenaline and spiritual growth! The epic blend of action sports and Godly teaching has introduced me to some intense sports, amazing fellowship, and most importantly grown me closer to God.

This summer I had the opportunity to attend Adventure Sports Ministry’s WakeUP! Wakeboard camp and the bi-weekly bible study at Mr. G’s house.

After attending the Wakeboard Camp, I really picked up a passion for continuing to grow in the Lord!

The amazing times we had on the water were topped only by the eternal impact his teaching has had on my life. I mostly took away from the experience how important it is to be a growing and on fire Christian.

I had kinda lost my passion for growing with Christ. It was more of a once a week deal where I wasn’t really growing much in my walk with God. Mr Gamble inspired in me a passion for growing every day, and having a lifestyle that honors Him, every day, not just on Sundays.

Mr. Gamble taught us a bunch of “buzzwords” that really help us remember important things about God. Like we “need to eat solid food, and not just drink milk” which means that we don’t want to be just a Sunday Christian.

I really have used the 5 tools of growing my faith (memorization, marinating, teaching, tough times, and apologetics) in the last 3 months to go from being a stagnant Christian (“like a baby who drinks milk” – Hebrews 5:12) to teaching, learning, and ultimately growing immensely in my faith.

The spiritual growth “Tools” that Mr G taught us really inspired me to grow more. Like the practice of “Marinating in Scripture” where we read 30 minutes a day. And “Learning how to Teach”, so not only do we learn it, but we help others learn it, so we can have “Impact” in our world.

Also, “Memorizing Verses”, which helps us battle and reduce sin in our lives because of all the scripture that is going through our heads over and over.

I have started to understand the “brain-rewiring” impact reading my bible and memorizing scripture is having on my life. I also have a stronger faith that has allowed me to not only teach at church but to share my faith with others at school.

I have a better defined purpose for my life and the little stumbling blocks that Satan puts in my way (1 Peter 5:8) seem to get smaller and smaller.

Ultimately, I am thankful for the way God has used the blessings of this ministry to change things in my life and it is my goal that He will continue to change myself and others around me for His purpose.


Stewart W. ~

Mr. G! I can’t thank you enough for helping me with my walk with Christ. Before Wake Up 2011 and our current Bible study, Riding The Wave, I never really understood what my purpose in life was, and why God placed me on earth.

But now, I am striving to add impact whereever I am, at school, sports, or just hanging out with my friends. Also, with memorizing and meditating on scripture I am able to get through the tough times when life seems to be impossible.

I feel my faith growing every single day even in the struggles!

I love what you have done incorporating sports like wakeboarding, or anything that us teens can relate to, into your lessons, it really helps understanding the topics. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me in the future.


Matthew H. ~

Dear Mr. Gamble,

I wanted to thank you for challenging me to be the young man of God that He wants. Challenging me to memorize scripture and to re-wiring my brain through immersing myself in God’s Word. Our fellowship at RTW is a great time of growing and challenging each other in the Lord.

Thank you again for allowing God to use you to challenge us to godliness and to use the five spiritual tools to deepen our relationship with God.